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Stud Dog Health

Breeding responsibly and keeping your chosen breed healthy is paramount.

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DNA Testing

DNA testing can help eliminate potentially passing genetic predispositions on to offspring.


Using DNA tests like the CombiBreed Health test packages from the Kennel Club make testing your dog for known genetic mutations.


How to Test?

Two small swabs are sent in a DNA testing kit to the lab. We gently swab the inside of your dog’s cheek with each swab. Normally only one is needed but the second one is there in case another one is required by the laboratory.

We then pack up the samples immediately and send them to the laboratory for testing.


How to Order

Simply order a test for your chosen breed by clicking here


How much does it cost? 

A health test for your dog costs £150+vat


How do I get the Results?

The results are emailed to you around 35 working days from the lab receiving the sample.


For more information on the tests performed on each breed click here