Artificial Insemination

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Endoscopic Inseminations Now Available for Fresh and Chilled Semen

Our primary aim is to bring the standard of assisted canine breeding in the UK in line with that of other species.  

Our intention is to balance ethical breeding and high welfare standards with the best technology and service that the industry has to offer.  We believe that as ‘man’s best friend’, your dog deserves the absolute best care possible, where welfare is never compromised and a successful and stress-free breeding programme is considered paramount.

We can offer a range of services to help you with your breeding journey. Pre-breeding assessments can help to highlight issues that may affect your dog from conceiving to whelping. 


Artificial Insemination or AI, helps to connect dogs from around the world whilst removing the stress of travelling to a stud dog. With a nationwide gene pool you can choose from a vast amount of blood lines and we can have them shipped to our facility when your female is ready for insemination. 

AI is a much safer than traditional methods taking the risk of either dog struggling or potentially hurting one another in the mating process. The AI process can help to eliminate negative behavioral changes from the mating process that may effect your dogs performance and stress levels when mating in the future. 


Once we have the desired stud dog's semen, we perform a quality assessment on the semen. Once we have processed the semen in our laboratory it is prepared for insemination, your bitch would be taken in to our purpose built facility and prepared for the procedure. A catheter is placed into the bitch's vagina and held in placed whilst the semen sample is inserted. The process mimics the natural mating process but doesn't have the overzealous physical contact or the stress of natural matings.


Our friendly professional team can perform pregnancy scans to allow you to view your future litter. To find out more click here.


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