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Assessment of your dog’s semen with regards to its potential fertility is fundamental to offering a  professional and successful stud dog service.  We use the latest technology in canine reproduction to harness the power of the most reliable markers of canine semen fertility and provide a professional assessment of your dog’s semen quality.
Offering industry leading and comprehensive semen evaluation services for visiting dogs and for samples shipped to our facility.  

Our semen assessment services include:

Essential Semen Assessment


Comprehensive Semen Assessment 


Chilled Extender Testing


Essential Semen Assessment

Semen collection and assessment of the ejaculate. The assessment includes raw volume, PH, concentration & viability, total & progressive motility by CASA as well as bacterial culture screen and a written report.

Comprehensive Semen Assessment

Includes the 'Essential Semen Assessment' along with a morphological analysis and a written report. We offer fluorescence microscopy morphology assessments as extra.

Chilled Extender Testing

One Extender Fits All, Right? Absolutely Not!
If you are looking to offer your stud dog on a fresh/chilled semen basis, then extender testing is the place to start. 
Chilled extender testing is an essential pre-requisite to successful breeding. Each dog is an individual and his semen is as unique as he is. It is therefore essential his semen is tested annually to firstly determine its viability for a chilled semen service and to secondly determine the extender and protocol he is most suited to. 


What is chilled semen extender testing?

Chilled semen extender testing involves the splitting of a dog’s ejaculate and its testing in a series of extender mediums to determine which extender his semen likes best. Once divided between the different extenders, the semen is chilled overnight with recordings of progressive motility taken at 12 hours and every 24 hours for 7 days after the start of the chill period.  Measuring every 24 hours enables us to gauge its longevity and therefore suitability for chilling both domestically and for export, where the shipping period may be several days.  As standard are chilled extender testing services includes the ‘Essential Semen Assessment’ detailed above.

What characteristics are we looking for?

For chilled extender testing, the main characteristic of interest is the progressive motility of the sample. The initial assessment is whether the semen tolerates overnight chilling in any of the extenders used. The second assessment is for the extender that produces the highest progressive motility and is therefore the dog’s semen preference. 

What are the benefits of extender testing?

  • Determination of semen viability for chilled semen services

  • Determination of the best extender and processing technique for your dog 


Further information 

For further information on any of our semen services, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team.

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