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Semen Collections


Chilled Semen Collection and Distribution UK £145.00

Collection & processing of the sample for chilled shipping (Includes evaluation, extenders, shipping box, documentation & packaging) (Royal Mail Special Delivery by 9am Tuesday to Friday. Saturday delivery available at an additional £3)


Frozen Semen Collection £235.00

Semen collection, processing & freezing into 0.5ml straws (Includes full post thaw analysis & quality control)


Optional Supplementary Collection £65.00

A second collection may be carried out from the stud dog on the same day, known as a supplementary collection. This is then pooled with the first ejaculate to increase the volume of the sample prior to freezing, allowing for greater straw numbers


Failed Collection Fee £65.00

Minimum fee charged for a collection where the dog does not produce a full ejaculate (fails to collect)


Epididymal Post Castration Semen Harvest and Freeze £300.00

This service allows semen to be collected and frozen from the testis of the dog following euthanasia or castration (Standard storage prices apply post procedure)


Fresh Semen Collection and Artificial Insemination £70

Semen collection & assessment prior to fresh insemination. Fresh semen is assessed for motility prior to artificial insemination of the bitch. 


Semen Assessments


Essential Semen Assessment £95.00

Semen collection and assessment of the ejaculate. The assessment includes raw volume, PH, concentration & viability, total & progressive motility by CASA as well as bacterial culture screen. Additonal £20+vat for a written report.


Comprehensive Semen Assessment £195.00

Includes both the 'Essential Semen Assessment' and morphological analysis along with a written report. We offer fluorescent microscopy as extra. 


Chilled Extender Testing £250.00

For dogs who will be shipping semen chilled around the UK for AI. Chilled semen extender testing is done so with a small range of extenders that are available on the Canine market to see which extnder your dogs semen prefers to be in and which will give it the very best longevity. Includes the 'Essential Semen Assessment' on the raw sample - Samples are tested at 12 hrs & every 24 hrs for 7 days


Morphological Analysis £75 - Add on

Includes the staining and analysis of semen cells to aid identifying fertility issues. Includes full written report. add on to any collection service.


Frozen Semen assessment £115.00

Thaw of one ejaculate for concentration, viability, total and progressive motility by CASA and morphology assessment


Bitch Services


Progesterone Testing £40.00

Our Veterinary professional will take your dog's blood sample on site and process the blood for testing in our lab. The processing and testing of samples is completed in under 2 hours. 

If you prefer to have your dog's blood taken at your own vets, you can bring the blood to our lab for same day testing. Get same day results (samples must arrive at our lab before 3pm for same day results). £10 Cytology available with every progesterone test.

Vaginal Cytology £35.00

Performed here at our centre and used to determine when your dog will be ovulating. £10 when performed alongside progesterone testing.


Fresh Artificial Insemination £70.00

Fresh semen is assessed for motility in our lab prior to artificial insemination of the bitch.


Chilled Artificial Insemination £50.00

Chilled Artificial inseminations are using semen already collected and chilled. We can take delivery of semen from other fertility centres if your stud dog is far away. 


Pregnancy Scanning £45.00

Usually performed 35 days after mating. 



Single dog microchipping £15.00

Litter of puppies 2-6 dogs (per puppy) £12.00

Litter of puppies 6+ dogs (per puppy) £10.00



Per puppy/dog £25.00


Frozen Semen Storage and Distribution


Storage of Frozen Straws £30.00 - £60.00

Minimum storage fee applicable to 1-12 straws. All semen stored or frozen after 1st July are subject to half annual storage fee (£30)

12 + straws frozen by Elite Kennel Fertility (fee per straw per annum)(Minimum Storage fee applies) £4.00

All semen storage is billed annually around December 1st in arrears


UK Frozen Semen Distribution £88.00

Processing & handling fee (to include; preparation of the flask & accompanying documentation & packaging of the straws)

Return carriage of shipping flask (UK) £65.00



Non- UK Semen Distribution £180.00

Processing and handling fee (Includes; preparation of the flask & accompanying documentation & packaging of the straws)


Frozen Semen Arrivals £60.00

Booking in fee - Includes Account creation, frozen straw inspection & documentation inspection and written Inventory once straws are in our storage (up to 40 straws per dog, thereafter straw fee applies)(4 Pellets = 1 Straw)

Straw inspection fee applicable on arrivals containing over 40 straws (per straw/per dog) £1.00


Frozen Semen Returns £50.00

Return & inspection of unused straws from veterinary practice.


Flask Hire (UK) £65.00

Existing client UK flask hire

Third party UK flask hire £100.00


Flask Hire (EU) £150

Existing client EU flask hire (£500 fully refundable deposit applies)

Third party EU flask hire (£500 fully refundable deposit applies) £150.00


Flask Hire (Worldwide) £150.00

Existing client worldwide flask hire (£500 fully refundable deposit applies)

Third party worldwide flask hire (£500 fully refundable deposit applies) £150.00


Genetic Preservation & Cloning Services


Tissue Banking £400.00

Tissue collection and freezing permits whole genetic preservation of valuable animals. The procedure is safe & simple; from a minimum of three skin biopsies taken after death of an animal, the tissue sample is sterilised and sectioned before preserving and freezing in liquid nitrogen; a process that permits indefinite preservation of the animal’s DNA. This service is carried out by our sister company Gemini Genetics.


Frozen Tissue Sample Storage £10.00

Tissue storage is charged on a per month, per animal, per owner basis


Cell Line Culturing £1250

1st preparation stage of cell cloning.


Cloning POA

Cloning available conjunction with from ViaGen, USA. Fee estimated to be in the region of £50,000 + VAT



*All prices listed are subject to 20% VAT